The University is endowed with excellent facilities required for creating a congenial academic atmosphere. State-of-the-art infrastructure is available at the University to meet the requirements of the programs conducted. The University campus is spread on a land area of 23.47783 acres in two locations and the main campus in Gangtok spread over in area of 6.54383 acres with all modern facilities. The entire campus is wi-fi enabled. The classrooms are well-equipped with latest audio-visual equipment, LCD projector etc. Other facilities include English language lab, IT lab and auditorium. The campus is also well equipped with fire-fighting system, water harvesting and modern filtration system. Read More

Computing Facilities

The University is equipped with the necessary latest hardware and software as well as infrastructure to cater to the computing needs of all students and faculty. It is equipped with servers, multiple terminals, multiple operating systems enabling a client-server environment and Wi-Fi enabled internet facility. High band-width internet connectivity is provided to both the students and the faculty to help them in their continuous search for knowledge with the help of world-wide web.

Library Facilities

The University has a well-stocked library which is being augmented regularly with books, periodicals, journals, magazines and other publications. Students have access to the finest collection of contemporary books and journals which supplement the prescribed reference books and text books. The library also subscribes to online resources to help the students in their research and project work.

Internship Projects

For all programs, internship projects are undertaken either at the end of each academic year or during last semester. These projects are meant to help students appreciate the applications of knowledge in realtime scenario. It increases their practical exposure.

Seminar and Presentations

Students participate in seminars on management topics and make presentations of the same in class. These are done under the guidance of the faculty members and hone the reading, summarizing and presentation and public oratory skills of the students apart from inculcating the reading habit in students.