Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

B.Sc (Dialysis Therapy Technology) Program

Dialysis treatment has been viewed as a lifesustaining therapy that aims to extend survival and improve the quality of life. Dialysis therapy is intended to keep the body running as normal as possible while the kidneys are under repair or while a person waits for a kidney transplant. Without working kidneys or dialysis, salt and other waste product would accumulate in the blood and poison the human body. The Dialysis Therapy Technologist supervise the hemodialysis assistants and auxiliary personnel, plan implementation of dialysis prescription, manage intradialytic B.Sc in Dialysis Therapy Technology complications, documents and maintains dialysis patients record. They are responsible for the direct monitoring of the patient and machine during the course of dialysis. Dialysis Therapy Technologist also referred as the hemodialysis technologist or patient care technologist.
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